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MiraTEC Trim

  • Manufacturer: Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors

Made from the patented TEC™ process, MiraTEC® Treated Exterior Composite trim combines the eye-catching beauty of cedar with the long-lasting performance of an engineered product. Because it is not hardboard, MiraTEC trim will not delaminate, is moisture, rot and termite resistant, and is backed by a 50-year limited warranty.

Competitive and long term performance testing shows MiraTEC resists moisture, rot and termites and outperforms the competition. Moisture resistant: As measured by ASTM D1037 for water absorption and thickness swelling. Rot resistant: Tested per AWPA E16 Field Test for Evaluation of Wood Preservatives to be Used Out of Group Contact: Horizontal Lap-Joint Method. Termite resistant: As measured by AWPA E7 Standard Method of Evaluating Wood Preservatives by Field Tests with Stakes.


  • MiraTEC trim is one solid piece. Hardboard trim has clearly visible lamination lines.
  • MiraTEC trim is made from a process created specifically for exterior trim. It is not two pieces of siding glued together like most hardboard trim.
  • MiraTEC trim has greater moisture resistance, and therefore better long term performance.
  • MiraTEC trim has a more comprehensive warranty and protects against hail damage, rot, termite and warp.
  • MiraTEC trim has a more authentic wood grain texture.