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Our Insulation Department
Builders Supply Co. offers installed insulation products from Dow Building Solutions and Guardian Building Products .  Whether it's new construction or improving an existing structure, see our insulation specialist for all your insulation needs.  And always remember, you can check out all the great products at our Design and Product Showcase.  
Installed Insulation Services & Products

Dow Building Solutions

Dow has a 60 year history in the construction industry, a legacy that began with the launch of their flagship STYROFOAM brand insulation, the most well known brand of extruded polystyrene insulation.  Dow is also constantly addressing the needs and demands of the future.  If you want to lower your energy bills take a hard look at Dow Building Solutions.


Building Products
Guardian Fiberglass is one of the fastest growing insulation companies in the country.  They provide a dimensionally stable spray-on system, premium loose-fill and a full line of, staple optional, wall products.  Whether you choose to have our skilled installers insulate your home or business with wall batts, ATTIC GUARD loose-fill or their spray-on UltraFit DS you won't be disappointed with the results.